Why Us

TimeTek is an app, made for students by students, focused on creating a personalized, more efficient time management plan for each individual user for a structured day.

How We Help

TimeTek provides each student with a new way to organize their day using an advanced time-chunking feature that will create a personalized schedule for each user.

The Method

TimeTek uses a variety of algorithms combined with AI technology to create an interactive, customizable platform where students can view their daily agenda.

Our Product

TimeTek is unlike other time management apps on the market due to a variety of features.


TimeTek provides the user with an easy-to-use voice feature that can automatically input assignments, events, or other activities. All the user needs to do is speak into TimeTek.


TimeTek uses a unique time chunking feature to provide every user with a customized schedule. All the user needs to do is input their assignments, events, and activities.


TimeTek provides the user with visual graphics to track their growth over time. As students, we know the best way to show growth is visually, so that’s what we did.


TimeTek allows the user to set custom reminders, so nothing will ever be forgotten. Using motivational messages, TimeTek seeks to motivate the user to get their work done.

Our Beta Phase

Even though we have launched TimeTek on the Apple App Store, we still need beta testers to give us feedback on various features and updates that we will be launching soon. Beta testers are very helpful to us and will help us create a better app overall.

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To view more of TimeTek beta, click the button below to download the app. 

Our Team

Meet the team behind TimeTek, a group of passionate high school students.

Tanvi Jammula


Sarah Naghmi


Contact us

Get in touch with us by contacting our social media, email, or by filling out the form.

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Email: info@timetekapp.com